Retired dogs for adoption

 Below we will post   photos and details on dogs that are retired and spayed , and available for  sale at a no breeder adoption  price .$600 to $1000 depending of the abilities and age of the dog.  Plus costs of spay if it hasn't already been done, and health cert costs and exam . We must collect tax so that will be added . 

All buyers will be screened . 

Please note we are not a rescue organazation, All dogs have a forever home , unless the right person comes along for us to consider letting them leave. We take their health and welfare very serious. 

All dogs are exceptional for home, service, SAR, and some even for narcotics work . We screen people for ability to properly house and care for these   dogs. That means diet, health care, fenced yards, exercise , indoor environment , flea control , all are extremely important . So if you cannot afford   to do any of that please don't contact us for a dog.