BRN 24074 Bullett foundation sire
Medusa brood female
Pandora brood female

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High quality Black MALINOIS and DUTCH shepherds at stud . 

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Proven stud BRN 24565
Big blaze BRN 25232 at stud
Monster BRN.23932 at stud
Reinwalds little Blazer BRN 26312

 Little Blazer  is available for sale . He is a powerful young dog that requires a skilled handler. He is also a calm dog and excellent in the home . 

Being young he can be molded into many directions. Only contact if you are serious and can aford a high quality dog  . He is not being sold as a breeder. 

His BRN IS 26312

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Reinwald Kennels 

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Little Blazer BRN 26312 for sale
Little Blazer working
Playing with his ball