Inukshuk dog food. , what we feed and recomend

We feed all our dogs Inukshuk dog food, who's company is based in Canada 

It was the first food in the world to be certified a safe food . 
All our puppies are raised on it and we require each buyer get a bag at time of pup purchase .
If shipping your pup we can ship u a bag. Only cost of food and actual ship cost will apply, no handling fee. . 
If just ordering food there is a $5.00 handling fee for 1 -5 bags  ( per order) , and a $10.00 handling fee on 10 plus bags ( per order) plus shipping costs . Please contact for prices. All food is plus Fla tax. 
 We gladly supply the food or if you are interested in pallet bulk purchases we can arrange for you to go that route . 

We also offer equipment for dogs and handlers . Contact us for making an order. 
And Please check out all the equipment you can choose from at , 
Need something special? Just let us know. 

So please don't hesitate to contact us for info  and to place an order.